About This Project

Location: Mississauga, ON
Project Value: $1.1 M
Owner: Host Marriott
Completion Date: July 2006
Consultant: Larkin Architects

This project involved the construction of a new building within the existing hotel complex to house a waterslide and pool. Site access was limited which necessitated the use of crane to lower materials and equipment into a central courtyard. The new structure consisted of a wood frame with a glass curtain wall and EIFS finish enclosing the pool area. Specialty pool equipment, along with the associated mechanical and electrical systems, was installed. Architectural concrete, and all the various finishes, were installed to the satisfaction of the client and completed on schedule. This is another example of a complicated renovation project, which was completed to a high quality standard to the client’s satisfaction. This project was one of many successful projects with Larkin Architect, of whom we have a history spanning 15 years.